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New City Parish is a non-profit urban coalition of eight Evangelical Lutheran Churches located in Los Angeles, Inglewood, and Compton. As an organization, we focus on transforming our communities through collaborative, holistic ministries and social outreach programs. We seek to proclaim a message of hope, to advocate for the poor and marginalized, to teach people how to think critically for themselves, and to heal and comfort those who are hungry and suffering within our communities.


Our Mission

​To manifest the presence of Jesus Christ within our parish boundaries through cooperative ministries which enhance spiritual growth, multicultural understanding, education, and social and economic well being.

Our Vision

To change lives by providing the Word Sacrament, and Service ministries of the Church and holistic, intentional evangelism, as well as, multifaceted outreach ministries.

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Our History

New City Parish was established in the aftermath of the 1992 civil unrest to address the growing social and economic needs of the community and to do so with the understanding if the transformative power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the spring of 1992, Los Angeles experience some of the worst civil unrest in recent history. Angered by the not guilty verdict int he Rodney King police brutality court case, many residents took to the streets to  vocalized their frustrations over being subjected to systemic injustices, racism, poverty, and economic underdevelopment. these frustrations had been festering below the surface for decades before they erupted.  This man-made catastrophe was seen by many as a desperate call for action by a negated and forgotten community.


Responding to the call was a group of five Lutheran pastors whose congregations and communities were directly affected by unrest and who had first hand knowledge of the plight of the community. Over the next several months, these Pastors (Albert Starr, Carlos Paiva, James Lobdell, Brian Eklund and Joesph Chu) met and prayed together to decide what to do next. From these meetings, New City Parish was born with the vision of providing hope, healing, and support to the community as it began the long process of rebuilding.

Today, New City Parish is a non-profit urban coalition of eight congregation of Evangelical Lutheran Churches located in Los Angeles, Inglewood, and Compton. Our collaborative approach focuses  on the the transformation of our communities through holistic ministries and social outreach. Over the last 22 years, we’ve incorporated a food outreach ministry, a parish nurse program, after school programs and micro-lending program to our list of services to the community. We are committed to working with our communities to bring about change.


Our service boundaries lies within a ninety-eight square mile section of the city boarded by the Hollywood Freeway on the north, the 91 Freeway on the south, Alameda Street on the east and La Cienega Boulevard on the west. Within these boundaries resides one of the most culturally integrated, linguistically complex and ethnically diverse populations in the city.

Our Team

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Willa Glover

Phil Allen, Director

Willa Glover, Coordinator

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